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New Beginning Prison Ministry

   So if the Son makes you free, then you are unquestionably free.

John 8:36 Amplified Bible

   Así que, si el Hijo los hace libres, serán verdaderamente libres.

Juan 8:36 Reina Valera Actuali

Our Reentry Program

Consist of successful individuals that were given a second chance to a New Beginning in their own personal lives.

Our team knows the true meaning of being behind bars, they know the despair and the frustration of ending in a placed they never even imagine being in.

Different life, different offences, but they all do have one thing in common they all had an encounter with a living God.

In an empty cold room with iron bars, the floor got wet with their tears of repentance of what they had done. Something new was being birth in them.

Thousands of individuals end up at this same cold, lonely place, just conting the days to be free from this horrible place. but for some reason the day of what they believe is their freedom, becomes a day of hunger desperation, rejection by a society that doesn't want to give them a second chance. So that freedom is short lived, because he , or she is force to offend again.

How can this horrible revolving door  be shut closed for good?

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